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Cheer the world with game!

——a vision from Loongcheer Game.

Loongcheer game, established in 2019, is both a game developer and publisher. Our team is dedicated to strengthening the connection between the brand of 'Loongcheer Game' and the impression of being Fun, Exquisite, and Playable. Creating a trustworthy team image in the heart of overseas users is what we are working hard for now.

What makes our team compete among the many top-notch gaming studios is a question our team has been considering. we are a team that is good at listening and expressing stories, thus the answer is usually already available. A team with a story background can develop a game with a pure and engaging game experience. We dug into Ollie's Manor to express the desire of city people to return to a peaceful pastoral life; learned that Dr. Chatelet: Faith is a workpiece for the developer's parents who are doctors; understand that Animal Inc. is based on the inspiration of ' animals’ world is as systematical as the human world '.

We focus on developing and distributing hybrid-casual, mid-core, and indie games. Until now, various popular games have been released to the global market and quickly risen to fame, of which have already reached 1 million downloads in total.

We will do our best to create and publish top mobile games and spread happiness to game players worldwide.

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