Cozy Game Little Corner Tea House starts open beta test on Play Store

Little Corner Tea House, adapted from the Korean healing web comic "모퉁이 뜨개방.", is a warm and healing simulation casual mobile game published by Loongcheer Game. Players will play as a shopkeeper who runs a corner tea house, makes tea, and listens to the warm stories of customers. The game has started open beta test, and Android players can download the game on the Play Store for early access.

Abundant items and props

In " Little Corner Tea House ", the raw materials, ingredients, and crafting tools of tea drinks can be used together to unlock nearly 200 original drinks. Players can also make dolls to display in the store as decorations and saleable products, and in addition to making regular dolls, players can also match parts to create unique or event bizarre-look dolls. For instance, a giraffe with rabbit ears, or a peacock with bird wings. Additionally, every season, there are decorations for the corresponding theme online, cute and fun, which people find irresistible!

A tea room that gather stories

During tea room opening, players will meet guests of different ages and professions, serving them while taking in their varied tales. The setting of the game is to convey the philosophy of life through simple dialogue, experience the genuine emotions of everyday people. Girls who are confused and seeking guidance in life are among the visitors who come and go, as well as balding designers who work long hours and stay up late, young girls who are just starting to express their love,

Fun ordering

There are two types of customers you will encounter at the tea room. One will ask for a drink by name directly, in which case the player merely needs to make it easily and quickly. Players must infer the drinks that clients want based solely on the key words that are revealed in the majority of the visitors' chats. If you consider it carefully, you can determine whether the customer wants a cup of warm, black tea to relieve exhaustion or a cup of iced, latte coffee.

A complete sense of engagement

Purchase your preferred pots, fill them with soil, select the seeds you require, take care of them a few times, and water and fertilize them as needed. Harvest the priceless tea leaves next. Players will experience a full sense of engagement in the entire process of producing raw materials and watching potted plants grow before a drink is given.


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