Girls Evo, a fantasy elf evolution Idle RPG, is out now on Early Access

Loongcheer Game has announced that Girls Evo starts the open beta test in select regions on Google Play. Players will play as an adventurer selected accidently, collect elves, team up with them and embark on a trip to save both human and elves worlds.

Attractive story background

The human world and the elf world are closely connected and inseparable. The annihilation of matter in one world will give birth to new matter in the other world, so that energy flows and balances with each other. The two masters fought in the slits of the world, and their battle was the cause of various natural and man-made disasters in the two worlds. While the upcoming war will trigger the end of both worlds. You are the selected character to stop the disaster...

Three stages of Elf evolution: from elf to human

Each little and cute elf will experience from Infancy stage to Maturity stage and evolved into a human. There is plainly a correlation before and after the star-up because each elf has three stages that are thoughtfully constructed to depict the evolution. More than a hundred elves from six factions in total. Fulfilling the three-stage album for each elf satisfies the player's desire to collect.

Complete growth system figures out the cultivation goals

The regular growth system contains five aspects: basic upgrade, tier-up, star-up, equipment and core, which remains as complete as the cultivation system in other Idle role-playing game and figures out clear cultivation goals in the game to players. Besides, random attributes and powerful abilities will be activated when reaching certain level during the growth.

Various PVE and PVP gameplay

Nine PVE systems' diverse gaming options meet the various combat needs of the players. Besides, players can indulge in x-server competition with other real players through PVP gameplay.


For more about the features of " Girls Evo ", players can go to Play Store for more information.

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