Roguelike card game Dreaming Dimension: Deck Heroes iOS version is released today

Roguelike card game Dreaming Dimension: Deck Heroes iOS version is released on App Store today(Mar. 22nd, 2021) by Loongcheer Game. The android version of Dreaming Dimension: Deck Heroes has been released on Jan.13th this year. The story begins from the dream and you will be the warrior to challenge enemies in your fantasy dream. 

Recently, our hero will enter a dream every time he falls asleep. In the dream, he becomes a hero to fight unknown monsters. The dream is so real that he can’t identify which side is the reality. At the same time, reality is being eroded by the dream.

Turn-based Roguelike card game, fight with your luck and strategy.


More than 6 different careers with unique skill system. 


There are a total of 6 careers in the game. Each career has its unique skill system, battle feature, and card system. For example, the battle feature of the gladiator is color following and fear mechanism. The following card of the same color will be enhanced and the damage to enemies will cause fear which will cause enemies to drop their cards. The six careers, Gladiator, Demon samurai, Paladin, Necromancer, Elemental, and Alchemist, all have their own card set, allowing you to enjoy more battle experience.


Change your battle tactic by choosing different random artifacts and gears


You can walk in the battle map and choose different events, you may gain random artifacts and gears with special effect. Adjust your card set according to the artifacts and gears can help you pass the stage easier.


Upgrade your hero talent to unlock special effects and strengthen your cards


You will get materials to unlock hero talent during your journey. Once you unlock a new talent, your hero can unlock special effects and strengthen your career cards. You can enjoy a better game.


You can now play the game no matter your device is iOS or Android now.


App Store Download Link

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