Dreaming Dimension: Deck Heroes is on Early Access

Dreaming Dimension: Deck Heroes is on Early Access

Dreaming Dimension: Deck Heroes, an App Store featured indie roguelike card game releases on Google Play beta track on Jan. 13th, 2021.

Story of the Game

The story begins from the dream and you will be the warrior to challenge enemies in your fantasy dream. 


6 Career Choices and Rich Card Set  

There are a total of 6 careers in Dreaming Dimension: Deck Heroes. With 6 different attack mechanisms and unique card sets designed for the 6 careers, the game has long-term playability. There are almost 100 cards for every hero career, therefore the possibility of strategy is guaranteed.


Roguelike Card Game is Rare

Whats the roguelike card game? Its a card game with roguelike elements. In Dreaming Dimension: Deck Heroes, you will meet random events after a battle. The events include getting a random new card, upgrading an existing card, obtaining a random artifact, and so on.


Explore the Map and Choose What to Do

Compare to other roguelike card games, Dreaming Dimension: Deck Heroes has a unique map exploring system. Your figure is allowed to move freely on the map. You can choose to defeat one monster or not. There are many functional facilities on the map which you can choose to enter a trigger different event, such as buying equipment and relic.


Talent System

Hero of 6 careers all has their own talents. You can earn talent points to upgrade hero talents through Meteors, Comets, and Starcores. The talent system can greatly improve the power, skills, and card set of the hero.



Game Features

- Turn-based rogue-like strategy deck game

- More than 6 careers with the related skill system

- 4 difficulties and 3 game modes

- More than 500 cards to use

- Random relics and equipment

- Unlock talent map to proceed with the game

- Random map and Interesting random event

Try the mysterious roguelike card game Dreaming Dimension: Deck Heroes now.


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