About the Game

Idle Defense II: Garden War is a casual and adventure game. Here you can create the plant towers with your mysterious energy and defeat the monsters who want to take your foods away.


The intern wizard has been busying to guard the forest. However and has no time to pay attention to the situation at home for a long time.

What he didn't expect was that the monsters hiding in the dark were salivating over the tempting foods in the garden.

There was not much time left for him while the monsters are approaching the garden. This time he needs more demons and towers to protect the backyard and forest at the same time...

Game Features

  • 10+ Types of towers with different functions.
  • Cute towers design, play the game in a good mood.
  • Merge to make towers more powerful and various evolution.
  • Assistant battle system: Summon ancient demons to help you
  • Upgrade technology & Magic Skills

If you are interested in tower defense game and the magic world, then you can get it from the Google Play store.


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