Gacha Heroes is an idle AFK game with a unique style that offers special battlefields to fight.
Here you can enjoy various battle experiences and meet different heroes.
Are you ready to join us?



-Idle and AFK System
Idle auto-fighting mode and AFK mode free your hands!Offline benefit system to generate rich resources, don't afraid of insufficient resources.

-Multiple Gameplay
Global arena battle: fight with different players and climb to the higher rank of the world ranking. Start an exciting experience in Expedition, challenge the boss in Ghostdom, adventure in Island to get plentiful recourses, etc.

-Heroes Collection & Cultivation
More than 100+ Heroes, 6 camps and 4 careers, different camps have restrictions to each other.

-Strategic Battle & Line-up Design
Rational use of hero skills to arrange lineups. Try different line-up & strategies to win the battle

-Social & Guild System
Social system: play with global players and form an alliance! Challenge guild boss to win rewards