About the Game

Pixelverse is a free Pixel CCG & DBG game with the feature of Roguelike. Start your rogue PVE adventure from this special indie pixel roguelike game and build your strong deck to defeat monsters.

With 15 heroes with unique careers and skills, you will never get bored like other roguelike games. You can play as a magic witch, a powerful magic archer, or other Hero classes. Let’s find out the hero that matches your battle preference most!

Cards in the game are diversified. With over 1,000 cards among the 15 hero careers, you can enjoy the unlimited battle possibility and the fun of applying your strategies in both PVE and PVP modes.



A peaceful village was invaded by unknown monsters. To guard your village, you have to defeat all the enemies and make everything back to normal. During this adventure, you need to rebuild the village to unlock your partners and get the basic resources. It's time to start your journey.


Game Features

* Roguelike Epic Adventure, delicate indie pixel art!

* 15 Professions and skill systems(Priest, Witch, Hunter...)

* 1,000+ cards, build your unique deck!

* Meet Random events and make the best choice.

* Upgrade your deck heroes, equip runes, and hire mercenaries.

* Challenge different enemies in PVE adventures in 36 maps.

* Win and rank in the global PVP mode, champion league.

* Unlock and upgrade your village to get more support.



Facebook: https://facebook.com/Pixelverse-150005037216182

Discord: https://discord.gg/rWX5MMTKEX