Stickman Fighting: Lost City

Game Description

Stickman Planet, the once prosperous place, was now deprived of all its vitality. As the resources on the planet are running out, the planet gradually falls into a desperate atmosphere. The whole society was on the brink of falling apart.

Strength is left to be the only thing...

Grasp the last hope to survive and join the fight!Strength is left to be the only thing...

Game Modes

  • Adventure Mode - Life is an adventure, you must fight till the last second! Clear stages!
  • Qualifying Mode - 2 vs 2 fight! Get scores and reach higher ranks! The Winner is King!
  • Battle Royale Mode - 6 stickmen in the arena! Only the winner can eat chicken!
  • Excited Mode - Short CD time and less skill consumption! More exciting!
  • Survival Mode - Extreme challenge mode! See who can survive longer!

Game Features

  • Simple control with joypad on screen
  • Space-like zero gravity fight!
  • Multiple game modes to choose!
  • Total 10 stickmen characters with respective career skills!
  • Collect wings to be the coolest stickman!
  • Stickman enforcement system!


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