Island Fantasy - Idle Tower Defense

Game Description

The Dark Legion is now invading our land, the fantasy island. Build towers and merge towers for evolution to defense the island and the crystal!

Island Fantasy - Idle Tower Defense is a td game with many new unique features. Combine the towers to level up them and collect cards to evolve. Idle game play allows you to collect rich resources when you’re AFK.

Game Features

  • TOWER - Four basic towers, each branch can evolve to four forms
  • MERGE - Easy to level up towers, click and merge towers
  • CARDS - Collect cards and star-rise towers
  • IDLE - Offline benefit includes parts and tower cards
  • MAGIC - You can release powerful magic when the rage is full
  • RUNES - Collect & equip runes to greatly enhance the tower power
  • HALL - Upgrade City hall to get stronger turret power
  • NOBILITY – Nobility is not only your title but also the power


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