I Monster Classic - Hero Adventure

Game Introduction

I Monster is a Roguelike-RPG adventure game. You start off being a monster who was summoned to save the Devil King who has been captured by evil humans from the Ruling Tower. During your exciting adventure, you will gradually realize the conspiracy of evil humans...

Be a powerful monster hero by gene change, magic learning, forging equipment, and saving the monster friends!

The story is all about growth, collection, exploration, adventure, strategy, fighting, and discovery. Please survive in the darkest dungeon and enjoy the roguelike RPG.

Key Features

  • Play in the perspective of monsters
  • Classic Rougelike game -- Random maps
  • Customize your own monster & Various avatars
  • Equipment System -- Collect, Inlay and Forge
  • Gene Tree Skill System -- Evolve your monster & learn skills
  • Dangerous Bosses


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