Cats Dreamland: Free Match 3 Puzzle Game

Game Description

When I was a small meow, my parents always took me to the amusement park.
I still remember how much happiness I gained there.
Ten years later, I was told that the amusement park is the property of my family.
I decided to be the manager of the park and make it thrive again!

Key Features

  • Match 3 vehicles in a line to crush them.
  • Pass stages to get gold coins.
  • Build your fantasy amusement park.

Key Features

  • Easy to play and relaxing for everyone.
  • Creative Match 3 game, removed the jammed vehicles.
  • Special boosters to help you pass the challenging stages.
  • Build your dream amusement park step by step.
  • Unlock more buildings to make your park popular.
  • Increase the ability of your staff.
  • Costume your cat staff and make them look cool.


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