iMonster Classic — Hero Adventure is on Early Access

This is an idle hero collection RPG. The advantages of the game are that the game has so many heroes. The game has over 200+ heroes with 6 elements. Each hero has 4 skills. Strategies are important here. With your wisdom, you can win the strong enemies. The game is an idle game, which means that your resources and heroes are growing no matter what you are doing. The game also supports real-time arena battle, which added more fun to the game.

Game Introduction

Odin crossed through the misty forest to see the prophet Mimir, paying the price of his right eye for the chance to glimpse into the future by drinking from “The Fountain of Wisdom”. Upon seeing it, he learned that the days of the gods' domain over the earth and heavens would soon come to an end.

In order to find a way of overcoming this damning fate that lay before him, Odin built the hall of heroes——Valhalla. He recruited countless souls of brave warriors, providing them with food, drink and rigorous training. Fighting against those who posed a threat to him as he waited for Ragnarok to befall the world……

How to define Hero Summoner? An idle RPG clicker games? AFK Arena Games? Dungeon Game? It’s defined by you.

Game Features

  • More than 200+ Heroes, each hero has 4 skills
  • 6 Elements with restrictions to each others
  • Try your strategies and win the battle
  • Global arena battle - duel with global players
  • Social system: speak in world channel & add friends
  • Idle auto-fighting mode, AFK mode
  • Challenge various dungeons and get rewards
  • Guild system and guild boss