Idle Defense : Dark Forest Pre-order now Appstore

Idle Defense: Dark Forest, the delicate tower defense indie game is now Pre-ordering on the Appstore. The estimated launch date is: Jan 9th, 2019.
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Magic background tower defense game

The story begins from an intern wizard who was expelled from wizard school. He comes back home and found the the ancestral seal was smashed into pieces and he now need to defense the forest and the crystal.

In this magic tower defense game you need to build numerous types of defense tower to resist the monsters. Besides this, you can also use the magic skill and summon demons for your resistance.

The game gained lots of fans on Google Play

The game released on Google Play first for testing before its Appstore launch. Since the release of the game on Google Play, it has been featured over 20 times around the world. Now the game ranks in top 50 chart in adventure game on Google Play on many countries, including US, UK, German & French.

Finally the game comes to App Store

We received many inbox mails from our dear players since the release of android version of the game. We know that many players want to play the game on their iphone. With the expectations from them, we did a lot to improve the game. We fixed many bugs that we found on android and we made a lot of optimizations. All we want is to give iOS players a better game experience.

The estimated release data of the game on Appstore is 2019-01-09. Pre-order now on appstore and get the app immediately when it releases!

Special code for pre-order players!

About the Game Play

  • 10+ Types of turrets with different functions: Arrow, Magic, Stone, Poison and so on.
  • Upgrade and evolve turrets: level up to gain great power.
  • Use elemental skills to hit the monsters: Lightning, Frost Freeze, Breeze Wind and so on.
  • Research system to improve turret power: more than 10+ researches.
  • Summon ancient demons to help you
  • Resurrection and get more resources: you will never be defeated!
  • Mega-Turret! The ultimate turret!

If you are interested in tower defense game and the magic world, then you can get it from App Store & Google Play