Magic Battleground: Survivor Duel is released on Nov.5th, Google Play

Idle Hero Dash

Magic Battleground: Survivor Duel, an io. game with high graphic, released its formal version on Google Play.(2019-11-05)

Magic Background io. Game

Magic Battleground: Survivor Duel is a battleground game with heroes fighting with magic. It’s an arena where you can enjoy the coolest fighting experience. You can choose many heroes to fight. All heroes have their unique skills.

Game Introduction:

Emergency! Evil power comes back again to conquer the jumping word. To save the world, you need to assemble the Jumping League again to defeat evil.

My hero, it’s your showtime now!

Easy Gameplay:

  • Choose a hero to start the battle
  • Use unique magic to fight
  • Hold the screen to gain big magic ball
  • Don’t fall into lava
  • Be the last one in the battleground

Quick and Cool Real-time Battle

You can finish an exciting battle within several minutes. You can practice your skill every time you join a new battle. After every battle you will grow. The game could give players the achievement of winning by practice.