Space Core: Galaxy Shooting is on Googleplay Early Access program now

Game Introduction

Space Core: Galaxy Shooting is a special space arcade shooting game. Unlike other space shooting game with a spaceship, you are a Sacred Core born in the universe to discover new planet and seek more dimensional power to purify the universe in Space Core: Galaxy Shooting. You need to defeat the evil geometries in your journey. The simplest geometry creates the cosmic aesthetics of the game and tells us the basic composition of the universe. That’s what we try to express in the game. If you are a lover of barrage shooting, bullet curtain, and manic shooter, just try it. The evil geometries are coming, defeat them and save the universe!

How to play

  • Slide to control your core and dodge enemy's bullets.
  • Upgrade and evolve your weapons
  • Upgrade your core and get skills
  • Accumulate rage and use critical skills!

Key Features

  • Perfect shooting experience
  • Challenging battles & Boss fight
  • Various weapons to equip & upgrade
  • Stunning weapon & skill effects
  • Survival mode: challenge your best records!
  • Discover unknown in the space
  • Retro arcade game music
  • Offline Benefits: make evolution easier!