【Beta】Chicken Fly Away is on Googleplay beta now!

[Beta] Chicken Fly Away is on Googleplay beta now!

[Beta] Chicken Fly Away is on Googleplay beta now!


Chicken Fly Away - Apps on Google Play



Game Story:

Po is a chicken farmer from the Sanji Village, he started to breed chicken when he was young and makes enough money to have a stable life.

One day, he decided to sell all the chicken to a town nearby. Suddenly, a lighting hit his truck. All the chicken started to fly away from the truck, and the outward of them are also changed. Poor Po lost everything that he had all of a sudden, he has to start his farm from sketch.



Insteresting & Easy Game Play:

You chicken are flying from the truck. What you need to do in the moment is to flick them back to the truck.



Raise Chicken & Unlock Chicken Index:

Now you need to rebuild your chicken kingdom. Though the new chicken look a little bit strange, you still want to raise them and sell them. During the process, you will unlock new types of chicken. Be a chicken tycoon!



What else you can do in the funny game?

Be the fashionable guy & own a cool truck!



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