Rage Cube: Multiplayer IO Game





Rage Cube is one additive multiplayer io game. Be the strongest and survive!

Rage Cube is a new io game with 3 modes! Solo mode, Team mode & Eat or eaten mode. You aim is simple: get the most resources or be the strongest survivor! Every time you play the game, you are in the real-time battle! Will you be the winner?


How to play:

• Solo Mode:

Collect the most cubes in 60s and enlarge your base. Protect your cubes and defense them from being stolen by your opponent! Or you can be the predator and grab your opponent’s cubes!

• Team Mode:

Collect cubes with your team members! Union is strength!

• Eat or Eaten mode:

Eat small cubes and grow larger! Be the largest cube king and survive in the battleground!


Special Features:

• Real Time Battle: Fight!

• Team Duel: Beat the Enemies!

• Forest Rule: Eat or Eaten!

• Cube Upgrade: Be the Strongest!

• Grab Props; Avoid Traps!


You will be the winner!



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