Animal Inc. - Casual Sim Tycoon holds open beta test in Google Play Store

Loongcheer Game has released a simulation casual game named “Animal Inc. - Casual Sim Tycoon”. The game is lovely with its 2D cartoon style and super-rich gameplay, which is suitable for players of all ages. Players can get access to the game on Play Store.

Game Description

Can you believe that the animals’ world is as systematical as the human world? In the game Animal Inc., you will see all this. The animals are working together peacefully in their allocated jobs in the underground base. Some animals are producing ingredients while others will turn the ingredients into products. After selling the products, you can gain gold coins and enlarge your industry.

Healing Tap Game

Animal Inc. is a casual simulation game that realizes one-finger control. In the game, you, as a busy boss of your underground store, must manage everything. Tap to keep the thief away and protect your wealth. Tap to prepare cuisine in bulk to satisfy all customers. Tap to pick up your excellent employees and upgrade them… In short, tap and try to be a boss with deep pockets!

Run your underground Base

You own a big and deep underground base. There are various facilities for chosen: Library, Store, Staff Dormitory, Office, Crowded Elevator… Facilities could be built and upgraded to earn more cuisine materials or cash. Hey boss, try to construct your base where animals live, play, and work.

Reach more extensions to be a big boss

To reach the highest level, Wealth VI, you have to unlock the boss rank and learn new knowledge, which is also the prerequisite to unlock some facilities. At this point, hiring staff, increasing staff stats, and allocating them to promote productivity will speed up the process. Prepare cuisine for the big boss, complete the Gopher Order and Snail Order will collect more gold coins and trophies (Key materials for your ranking). Well, finish all of these, and you will realize your millionaire dream!

Negotiation as the battle method

Unlike other games which upgrade or clear the stage through heroes’ battle, Negotiation is the main way for battles in Animal Inc. Through battle you can enlarge your base and proceed in Challenge.

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