Cindyz Burger: Master Chef, inspired by a touching story, starts open beta test

Loongcheer Game has released a simulation casual game named Cindyz Burger: Master Chef. This is a Cyberpunk-like kitchen game, which is suitable for players of all ages. Cindyz Burger starts the open beta test this month, players can get access to the game on Play Store.

Inspired by a touching true story

Aiden’s grandma ran a traditional handmade burger store named ‘Cindyz Burger’, which gains praise from lots of customers. But a new burger shop of a modern fast food brand opened and is located beside Cindyz Burger. With exquisite store decoration, well-known brands, a wide range of food, efficient service made by machine and a sense of freshness, more and more guests choose a new brand, while Cindyz Burger is getting deserted. In the end, Grandma died of illness, leaving Cindyz Burger to Aiden, hoping that Aiden can run the store better. How can a traditional handmade burger store survive under the fierce competition of modern fast food brands? This is a question Aiden facing.

Attractive kitchen gameplays

The basic gameplay in Cindyz Burger is to make burgers according to the order of ingredients within the limited business hours. After earning money and obtaining praise from customers, unlock more new burger recipes. To upgrade the business bonus, you are required to hire staff, purchase skills and decorate the burger store to realize better service. Besides, more mini-games will be unlocked, sorting kitchen garbage, washing dishes, and arranging ingredients… more attractive gameplays will be released in the following updates.

Tap in Fever Time

When fever time is triggered, a great deal of customers comes into Cindyz Burger for ordering food. In this mode, try your best to tap your screen quickly without ingredients order limitation, and finish more orders in the limited time. The faster you tap, the more business bonus you gain.

Staff: Select from the mystery box

staff recruitment will be held in a type like a mystery box. Staff will be selected 3 of 5 from the candidates’ dialogue and start negotiation with them. In a word, 4 types of staff for selection: C,B,A,S level and they would be picked by luck. As a casual game, staff skills could be promoted in batches through purchasing buff, there’s no cultivation system for each employee.

Buff and debuff: Unexpected situation occurs

During business hours, unexpected situations will occur. The design of buff and debuff adds more surprise for players. Buffs like to trigger Influencer’s help and get doubled hearts, to get mentors’ support and guests can’t notice even if the recipe is incorrect, etc.. Debuffs like to attract YouTubers who are famous for fake reviews, to trigger smoky kitchen with scrambled ingredients, etc.. Are you ready to deal with these situations?


More features could be found in Cindyz Burger if you download the game and have a try. You can also follow Cindyz Burger official Facebook page and discord to get more information and meet other players. Hope you enjoy the game!

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