Roguelike Shooter Game Demon Hunt Knights Starts Open Beta Test on Play Store

Demon Hunt Knights is a roguelike shooter mobile game with pixel art and attractive story background which published by Loongcheer Game. Players will play as a demon hunter who aims at defeating the demon and keeping the continent peace. The game has started open beta test, and Android players can download the game on the Play Store for early access.

Fun story background

In a distant world, there was a peaceful continent where different races lived in harmony. However, seven demons invaded, corrupted its people, and took control of the kingdoms, leading to a devastating war between the seven kingdoms. The elite hunters fought a war against the demons. But they gradually lost ground to the demon's relentless attacks, and each kingdom fell in turn. Now, the demon hunt will board the timeship and travel across the shattered continent to defeat the demons and launch a counter-attack!

Random new maps

Hundreds of dungeon maps have been designed- grass map, undersea kingdom, bloodline castle, etc. Randomly generated maps and dungeons that offer a new experience every time you enter the adventure.

Surprise in adventure

You may encounter various portals, levels that require crystal activation to progress, arenas for combat, and more. In addition to defeating demons, there are also levels that trigger specific NPCs or events, unique special missions, puzzle-solving levels, PvP arenas, and other challenges that offer different types of gameplay experiences.

Super-rich cultivation system

There are two kinds of cultivation. You will get drops, gears chests as well as partners when you are in adventure mode to strengthen your power, numerous unique and strange weapons randomly appear; When out of adventure, there are diverse card system for free combination, talent upgrading improves basic attributes and gradually unlocks powerful skill trees. Hundreds of cards from a total of 11 genres. Different cards combined will bring an extra buff during the battle.


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