Hunter Legend-Rise of Clans

Game Description

Leander is the strongest warrior and monster hunter in the primitive clan.
With the faith power from the clan totem, he is almost invincible.
Holding a sharp spear, the beasts and dragons are only his prey.
This is a world of hunting and hunting, fight the wilds, and explore the primitive world.

How to Play

  • Move your finger and jump, attack while jumping
  • Take advantage of the map and avoid the attack from monsters
  • Release skills at the right time

Key Features

  • Explore the primitive world and challenge beasts and monsters
  • Take advantage of the map and use spear and skills to fight
  • Upgrade to increase your stats and learn talents
  • Collect fragments to unlock fighting tactics
  • Collect resources to forge, advance, inherit and smelt your equipment
  • Play roguelike mode and events in Trial Tower for ranking & treasures
  • Unlock monster album and claim rewards


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